We offer a wide range of document services including, Thesis and project production, document binding, Digital scanning, personalised foil printing.

High speed copying & digital printing from disk or copy - Any font, style, colour or format!

From your file we will give you a document you can be proud of and with keen pricing and big discounts for quantity on all our work, we look forward to helping you.

Our Digital foil printing services offers you the ability to print any chosen text or graphic onto a range of materials, including paper, cardboard, PVC & fabric.

So feel free to get creative!

The possibilitys are unlimited, from childerns keep sakes to elaborate business documentation! 

Why not take a stand against the crowd and add foil to your marketing literature not only will it give your finished piece a competitive edge, but it also ensures a luxury, high-end impression.


Now that your Thesis, Dissertation, Project or Portfolio is complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches and you can trust our hands to serve you through the final preperations.

With 30+ years of experience we have become only too familiar with the last minute rush to present finalised student work and that is why we offer a 2hr print and bind service on all student submissions.

Our team of dedicated professionals are here waiting on hand to make the final stages of your work as stress free as possible for you.

So dont fret we are here to help, you can depend on us in these crucial last stages to provide you with a friendly, fast, efficient and first rate service.

Upon request we can arrange special delivery to your specified college and home addresses, both here and abroad.



Presentation Binding is your one stop shop for all your binding needs, here we understand it’s the small details that can really make your project stand out that is why we offer a wide variety of binding options to cater for individual needs, including, comb, coil, thermal, wire , spiral and the very attractive Unibind form. We can also add tabs, inserts, vinyl covers, frosted/clear covers, and more. You can choose to print the document yourself or you can send it to us for professional printing should you require printing, you can, if you wish, transfer the document to us electronically leaving with it your contact details and we will get in touch with you for further discussion.

So be it manuals, annual reports, thesis binding, training documents, personal portfolios, if it fits on an A4 page we can bind it. We have dozens of ways to give your presentations the polished, professional look that they deserve!


Converting your documents to digital format is a fantastic means of insuring they stay safe, secure and easily accessible, not to mention save a whole load of space.

We can scan your documents to digital format and deliver your electronic documents to your chosen media device – USB, CDR, CDRW, DVD, Etc.

Once your paper documents are scanned, should you require us to do so we can bind and present them in an organised and presentable fashion and should needs be we can securely destroy them for you with our secure shredding service (link)


Understanding, most documents are of a highly confidential nature to most, we can guarantee the highest form of integrity and confidentiality throughout the service.

So don’t waste your time searching through oceans of archived boxes to find that all important document when you could have the ability to quickly and easily access the pages you require by simply searching a file name or specified key word.

You can bring to us your box of documents and binders; we will take it apart, replicate it, and reassemble it with meticulous attention to detail. We provide scanning (OCR), copying, binding, document enlargement.



Create quick and easy personalised displays!

This ready to use product is coated with hot melt glue which enables to glue any type of print directly onto the Unipanel.

The possibility's are endless!

  • Personalisation as of one piece​

  • Wide range of possibility's and applications

  • User friendly: an easy and error free case making process

  • completely dry process - eliminates usage of liquid, chemicals or glues.

  • only a few minutes needed to create a personalised display




Presentation Binding focus on providing high quality digital printing services from everyday business documents to personal individual creations. We offer an ideal service for graphic designers, architects, engineers, construction companies, interior designers and corporate clients.

Whether you’re looking to market your business to the public domain or simply looking to communicate internally you can trust us to produce quality, cost effective print material even on a tight deadline.


Our convenient copying service Save time — hand off high-volume projects to us for copying, who can reproduce in full-colour or black and white documents, photographs and presentations in sizes A5 – A3.


Our lamination services can ensure to maintain and present your documents.

We offer high quality gloss and matte finishes we can provide you with a high quality matte or gloss laminate finish for your documents, prints or posters of any size.



We can create and personalise outstanding business documentation to help promote your business in a memorable, effective and presentable style.

We recognise that what works for one client may not suit the next, which is why our dedicated team will listen to your needs and advise you of the best solution available to you.

For example, while an interchangeable DuoBinder, which is a combination of a ring binder combined with a storage compartment, might suit an architect requiring space for storing drawings as well as files it may not suit a financial accountant who might be better accommodated with stylish business portfolios and personalised meeting books.

Enhanced presentation, personalised to each project, gives you the edge over your competitors and increases brand awareness. By personalising documents you are creating an instant relationship with your recipient and portraying a positive, proactive image of your company.


We understand this and we are here to help you too to realise the benefits of this strategy, from imaginative bespoke school yearbooks and diaries, elegant foil printing onto meeting books for conference delegates, corporate visitor books, or specialist jackets for Surveyor reports – We have got you covered.

To find out how we can help your business contact us today!


Presentation Binding offer high impact, affordable poster printing. 

We provide a, quick turnaround, large format printing service (sizes A0, A1 and A2) 

Our poster printing is ideal for advertising in windows, trade-shows and conferences.

For students we offer a reduction of costs for large groups...


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