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The new UniFoilPrinter allows you to personalize your books, notebooks, agenda, contracts, ... . If you are about to present an offer, a contract or even yourself in a meeting, with the UniFoilPrinter your work always stands out. The UniFoilPrinter is a digital printer that prints foil directly from a digital file on any flat surface. Just connect the UniFoilPrinter to your computer, download the software and start printing.

The Unifoil digital foil printer is a revolutionary foil printer, introduced to replace or complement traditional methods such as: Foil stamping/Foil blocking.


This method of foiling simply requires a connection to a PC backed with the supplied software, in order to apply any computer generated text or graphic, instantly and easily to a wide variety of materials!


If you are graphic designer looking to create innovative and eye catching print,

a brand manager striving to enhance brand perception or,

a print shop interested in introducing a foil printing service,

Look no further!!


Contact us now for a quote, we can guarentee you the best price and service around! 



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Watch as we complete a hard back Thesis presentation in just 

5 Minutes!


Using the UniFoil printer assisted by the Unibinder 8.2 document presenatation system 


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